Sickness and Accident Office Call & Hospital Confinement Protection plus more

No Deductable or Co-pays
Use any Doctor or Hospital
Guaranteed Renewable to Age 65


Benefits Are Paid Directly To You, In Addition To Any Other Insurance You May Have.


Medical Benefits Schedule

Doctor's Office Calls
Any Licensed Provider
10 per Calendar Year-Max 1 per week
per visit
Outpatient Benefit
Benefit Amount
Maximum Outpatient Calendar Year Benefit
up to $250.00 per visit
Benefit amount
per Sickness or Injury
Hospital Benefit
Benefit Amount
Up to 365 Days Lifetime Hospital
Elimination Period - 3 days



The Following Benefits are included with this selection of coverage

  • The Dividend Club: Value Benefits of America (VBA) members will earn Dividends (paid quarterly to you on Merchandise, Services, Travel & Entertainment when you shop from our Online Mall and make a purchase. Choose from retailers like these, just to name a few, and get the dividends:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.
  • Car Rental Services: Provides discounts at Alamo, National, Hertz, and Avis.
  • Rewards Network: America's Premier Dining Rewards Program and Hotel Discounts. Save up to 20% off every meal plus up to 15% off your hotel room rate.
  • Refund Sweepers: Free Merchandise, Bargains, Online Coupons, Rebates, Sweepstakes & more.

Offered to VBA Members


Pre-Existing Condition Limitation

Pre-existing conditions are those medical conditions disclosed or not disclosed on the application which were diagnosed or for which medical advice or treatment was recommended or received from a Doctor within a 12 month period (6 months in ID) immediately preceding the Effective Date of a Covered Person's coverage.

Any loss due to a pre-existing condition is not covered unless the loss begins more than 12 months after the Effective Date of a Covered Person's coverage.


Exceptions and Limitations

We won't pay for charges incurred:

  1. due to war or act of war whether declared or not;
  2. due to intentionally self-inflicted injury;
  3. due to Mental Illness or nervous disorders without demonstrable organic disease (Loss due to Parkinson's Disease or senile dementia is covered);
  4. for normal pregnancy and child birth. Complications of pregnancy are sovered as a Sickness;
  5. for treatment of an injury that results from the Covered Person's commission of, or attempt to commit a felony, or from the Covered Person being engaged in an illegal activity;
  6. for cosmetic surgery. But "cosmetic surgery" does not include reconstructive surgery that is incidental because of previous surgery due to trauma, infection, or other disease of the involved part;
  7. for confinement in a Hospital located or care received outside of the territorial limited of the United States of America, it commonwealth partners, or the countries of Canada and Mexico; or
  8. for the Covered Person being intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or a narcotic; unless administered on the advice of a Physician.


Stabled Premiums

Your premiums cannot be changed due to declining health. Your premiums can only be changed if we change the premiums of all like policies in your state. You will be notified before any changes are made.


Issue Age Unisex Rates*
Rates stay as of Issue Age

Issue Ages Monthly Semi-Annual Annual
* Plus VBA Membership as low as $5.00



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